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Diverse Learning Environments



Your baby's first year of development is essential and that is why our infant room is our first and most fundamental room. In our infant room we provide our babies with a safe, secure, and happy environment. Our infant teacher sets her classroom to be warm and nurturing. Each activity your baby is engaged in is ensured to be stimulating, educational and set to target each of their key developmental milestones. The infants curriculum is centered around developing our babies language and sign language, gross and fine motor skills, stimulating their five senses and establishing their social intelligence. 


As our toddlers begin to walk and talk, their curiosity drives them to set out on an everlasting adventure. Our teachers are trained to channel their energy into positive learning moments by giving them room to explore and learn the material  in their classroom. This classroom focuses on their growth and development by building fundamental milestones through different themes, colors, numbers, shapes, words, and languages. At the end of each day parents are ensured to notice progress in their children for future success!

Toddler Playing


In this classroom your little one is discovering more than ever! They will learn by theme, explore, and allow for your child to discover themselves and socialize with confidence. We emphasize learn through play to channel your child's enthusiasm into opportunities for growing, learning, building independence, and achieving success. We enable an environment that offers a large amount of space to move and excel, as children explore and make discoveries while building a strong foundation for future life success. 


As your little one is showing and adapting to increased independence more and more each day, this classroom is established to assist with a more in depth instruction preparing them for Pre-Kindergarten. Our teachers create an warm and educational environment to prepare for their next classroom by slowly introducing  a more structured "school like" setting and schedule as well as focusing on emergent core competencies skills including science and Spanish. Our classrooms include discovery centers that are enhanced with items and activities that correspond with their world around them and weekly learning objectives allowing your child to be inquisitive, challenged, and socialize with confidence.


We strive on preparing your Pre-Kindergartner ready for school readiness and their next stage in life. We provide the motivation, guidance, and structure to prepare them for school. Our program includes plans that are designed to focus on the early learning domains of kindergarten such as language and literacy, social studies, math, science, Spanish, creative arts, social and emotional development, and extra curricular activities. First steps assists with applying their developing skills to not only the public school but to everyday life as well through purposeful, planned learning experiences. 

School Age

Our School Age Program goes well beyond homework help. We support our children in every aspect of their development and life, from team building, giving creative encouragement, to positive guidance. No matter where their talents may take them, we create positive communities for our friends through academic S.T.E.A.M activities and so much more! 

Walking to the Bus
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