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About Us

Encouraging children to put their best foot forward! ​



Together we share the responsibility of providing a home away from home, a safe, structured, and engaging environment filled with opportunities for nurturing and growth during the most fundamental years of your child's development. Children are continuously encountering new experiences and adventures while looking to grasp each concept and understand them. As teachers, we are here to help them not only learn but comprehend those experiences by playing, conversation, observing, questioning, and experimenting, expanding on each of their emotional, social, intellectual, and physical intelligence. Children in our center are a part of our family and we fully enjoy supporting them as they learn and grow!

Texas Rising Star Certified

First Steps Learning Center is a 3 Star Texas Rising Star Certified Provider. What is Texas Rising Star you may ask? TRS is a quality-based child care rating system and within this program, TRS works side by side with our center to exceed the state’s minimum child care licensing standards. For parents, this means if your child(ren) attends a higher-quality child care program, they will be more prepared for school entry than children who do not attend quality child care programs. We understand and value the importance of offering and meeting a high-quality standard program for our children that will reflect throughout their life.

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Health & Safety


In order to ensure the overall health and well being of our students, teachers complete a daily checklist to ensure the cleanliness of the classroom at all times. Deep cleaning and sanitizing is done twice a day, once during nap and once at the end of the day including all toys and surfaces. Each classroom includes sinks to ensure correct hand washing is done throughout the day, and before and after various activities. Each classroom is equipped with individual cots and cubbies that are assigned and labeled to each child to ensure that there is no cross contamination of germs. Disposable gloves are used throughout the day for various activities including for any task that may come in contact with any bodily fluids.

Daily health checks are performed upon arrival of each child. In order to ensure the health and safety of our children, families and staff, children who are showing signs or symptoms of illness or communicable diseases will be kept isolated to rest and will have to be taken home for 24 hours and/or provide a written doctors note that indicates it is safe for them to return to school.


We take pride in encountering healthy eating by providing healthy meals and snacks each day. Children are offered milk and water with each meal, fresh fruit, vegetables, and protein daily. As we wish to encourage sound nutrition, we ask for families that choose to send home lunches and snacks that they be well balanced and nutritious. FSLC is a nut-free school due to common allergens. Allergy information on each child is clearly posted in each classroom and kitchen for awareness.



At First Steps your child`s safety is our number one priority. Every staff member is required to receive a cleared background check and FBI finger printing check. Our staff are trained and certified as early childhood educators and in many cases, infant and toddler specialists. They maintain valid first aid and CPR certifications and when applicable food safe managers certifications. 

All doors remain locked at all times during operational hours. Access to the building is only permitted through the front door via management. Parents must accompany their children during drop-off and pick-up to ensure a safe arrival inside the classroom. The same escort will be responsible for signing the children in and out via our school`s check-in system. Proper documentation provided  by the parents and identification is required for anyone who may be picking your child up who is not listed on our approved pick-up list. All visitors will be asked for an ID check and will be accompanied through the school.

First Steps provides live camera monitoring throughout the entire school where each camera is strategically placed to ensure every action of your little one may be seen. Our cameras are for in-house use and monitored by our management staff. This included feature is to add peace of mind for our families knowing that their children are happy, and safe.

We perform monthly fire, emergency, and bad weather drills to ensure staff and students are prepared on what is expected of them in the event of an emergency. The office retains current emergency contact and medical information on each child in their own individual files.

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