Meet the Team

Dedicated & Certified

Mrs. Leshine Braud


Hello families! My name is Leshine Braud and I am honored to serve as a director for First Steps Learning Center. Having earned my directors license and child development associates, I have devoted more than nine years to working in education with young children and their families. I am committed to providing families with a loving and developmentally sound foundation for a life time of learning. 

Prior to becoming a director, I served as a toddler teacher, a family childcare provider, and a lead pre-K teacher. Eventually I transitioned from a Pre-K teacher to program specialist, where I was then promoted to assistant director to finally director!

My philosophy is children learn best when the learning environment is designed to meet the developmental needs of each child, one that encourages exploration, creativity, and independence. I am dedicated to providing the best experience for our families. 

"The essence of teaching is to make learning contagious to have one idea spark another." - Mara Collins

Ms. Ashley Gremling

Assistant Director

Hi families! I am so thankful to have the pleasure of being a part of the First Steps Learning Center family and serve you all! Children have always been a huge part of my life and I have always known that whatever my purpose may be, it absolutely has something to do with children. I have experience with multiple age ranges from infants to 12 years as well as various developmental levels such as special education. I attended Houston Community College where I obtained an Associates in Business Management and administration as well as an early childhood Director license. I began working in early childhood education in 2016 where my career blossomed into where it is today, ensuring the overall well being of our families, our children, and our staff. I firmly believe that early education is the most crucial time of your child's developmental stages. This not only affects their educational future but how they recognize, perceive, respond, and react to their world and life around them. Our goal is to ensure that each child that graduates from First Steps possesses the knowledge and foundation to continue into a bright future.   

"The influence of teaching extends beyond the classroom, well into the future."

Ms. Shuana Teague

Lead Pre-K Teacher

Hello! I am your Pre-K teacher. I chose to become a teacher because I am passionate about teaching children not only the things required to succeed academically, but also socially. Part of the curriculum I teach includes social and emotional learning activities. In my opinion, it is just as important that our future world leaders learn about compassion, being kind, how to be a good friend, and how we can turn a mistake into a lesson. I am so blessed to be a part of your children's lives and see their growth as their little personalities develop. ​

Ms. Neidy Garcia 

Lead Preschool Teacher

Hello! I am your Preschool teacher. I have been in childcare for over four years and have experience with all age groups. I love having the chance to engage in my classroom and having all of my students excited about the activities and projects we have planned for the day. I always try to base my lessons on movement, interaction with each other, and their surroundings.

Ms. Alex Fields

Lead Two`s Teacher

Hello! I am your Two`s teacher. I have been working with children for over four years. I absolutely love to teach through learning with children as much as I love to learn from them. I mainly base my lessons on fun projects regarding the theme, shape, number, color, and letter of that week, to create a fun environment and learning experience. 

Ms. Marjorie Atencio

Lead Toddler Teacher

Hello! I am your Toddler teacher. I  love children and teaching them in different environments to experience at their explorative age. Seeing the children make discoveries  through exploration makes working with them so rewarding. One day I see myself owning a daycare to further assist in developing children's futures.

Mrs. Merilit Valdes

Lead Infant Teacher

Hello! I am your Infant teacher. I am responsible, loving, and dedicated teacher. My experience in childcare contributes to the physical, social, communicative, cognitive, and motor development of each child. I love and enjoy being a preschool teacher.

"Teachers who love to teach, teach children a love of learning."

Mrs. Carla Casanova

Center Floater

Hello! I am your center floater. I work with all age groups. My experience is based on my values, giving attention to babies and educating preschool children. What I do is based on love and patience. I have over two years of experience with children in a licensed setting. I am also an experienced mother to my eleven year old daughter.