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The end of the school year is almost near and soon summer will be here. At First Steps Learning Center, we have planned a summer of adventure for your child to enjoy. Our summer camp combines academic learning, and summer enrichment activities. The summer enrichment theme this year is “Wild About Summer”. With this fun-filled theme, summer campers will enjoy 12 weeks of exciting activities. Along with our programs, campers will also participate in 1-2 field trips a week.


First Steps Learning Center offers a safe program for an educational and thrilling summer camp experience! Contact our school for specific details on calendar of events, and full summer camp schedule. Space is limited – Register Today 

We Are WILD ABOUT SUMMER At First Steps Learning Center

Week 1 - May 30-Jun 2 - “Ignite Your Summer” - Kick the summer off right with outdoor games, crafts, sports, and a variety of “get to know you activities”.

Week 2 - Jun 5-June 9 - “Junior Ambassadors Camp'' - This week campers will learn about kindness and standing up when they know something is wrong. There will be a strong focus on character values ,making good choices, being a good friend, and how they can make a positive impact in their communities.

Week 3 - June 12-16 - “Bugs Don’t Bug Me” - Campers will learn about all sorts of little critters that patrol the ground we walk on. Campers will learn the purpose of these insects and how they aid our environment. This week is destined to be full of excitement, thrill and chills.

Week 4 - June 19-23 - “Passport to the Wild ”- Join us for an action-packed adventure as we go on an expedition around the world. From South America to Australia, we’ll discover the world’s wildlife and the unique adaptations that help animals survive in these places.

Week 5 - June 26-30 - “Artful Antics”- This week campers will learn about various artists and their mediums. They will use what they learn from these artists to create Father’s Day Craft. This week will include painting, coloring, and sketching, water coloring and much more.

Week 6 - July 3-7 - “We Love America”/ Fun in the Sun”- Celebrate America’s birthday with us. Throughout the week, campers will learn what the RED, WHITE, and BLUE stands for as they express what the flag means to them.

Week 7 - July 10 - 14 - “Water Works”- This week the campers will learn about water, where it comes from and why it is important in their lives. From water safety to learning the physical properties of water, and the changing states. Includes plenty of water table activities, to building pipe sprinklers.

Week 8 - July 17-21 - “First Steps Bakery”- Pots, pans, flour, sugar and more…. During this week, the campers will be busy baking at the Kids Unlimited Bakery Shop. From homemade cookies to ice cream, they will enjoy these delightful treats. They will learn measuring in cups, teaspoons, tablespoons, quarts, and gallons.

Week 9 - July 24-28 - “All Stars; Sports Week”- Back to the track, to the wall…. Hit a homerun this week in camp as we learn a variety of new and traditional sports. Campers may dress up as their favorite ball player and participate in tournaments, relays, and other games allowing them to show off their athletic ability while learning the value of good sportsmanship.

Week 10 - July 31-August 4 - ‘Under The Sea”- Dive into learning about different animals, the importance of taking care of the ocean and understanding its different parts.

Week 11 - August 7-11 - “Space is the Place”- This week campers will learn about the stars, planets and the Milky Way galaxy. Campers may participate in an alien or dress up as an alien from a distant galaxy contest. This week is going to be out of this world.

Week 12 - August 14-15 -“Summer Camp Field Day”-This week is filled with fun and exciting games and activities for your child. As summer camp comes to an end campers may create a camp journal book recapping their summer camp experience.

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